My phone and laptop has been synced, but the amount of BAT are different and the claim only registered on my phone

I’ve gotten the browser in my laptop first for a few days, which accumulated some BATs, then I downloaded it to my phone and synced it, it seemed like a successful one but the amount varies? I’m not really certain if it is due to the fact that I’ve used the other (pc version) before using it on my phone or what but what’s the point of syncing them if this would happen? Additionally, I’ve just claimed mine for July 6 using my phone but it didn’t register to my desktop’s rewards wallet? At first, it did, it showed a “claimed 1 time” or something like that, but no actual claim if that make sense? It only registered on my phone even if it is synced? Could someone help me? I’m quite new to this and it’s roughly been a month or so of use.

Edit: Both my pc and phone stated “Next payment date: July 6” even if the amount of BAT varied, so I had 2 assumptions, either that if I claimed it via phone, it would also register in my desktop version so meaning it is synced and I’d just have to accept the fact that it’s not consistent; the other is obviously it wouldn’t register in the desktop version, which was what happened, but I assumed if this happened, I could claim it separately, so claim for phone then claim in desktop, which would make more sense as the amount did vary, meaning that it just didn’t sync in the first place, but what made things worse is that my next payment is on “August 6” both on my phone and laptop, which means it is synced but my payment only registered in my phone but not in my laptop.

UPDATE So, sorry bout the misunderstanding, the claim just registered recently in both devices, first time here haha but the problem now is that, in my phone (which is the one I used to claim my rewards) states I have 8.5 BAT in my wallet that got claimed but both my laptop rewards and uphold registered the same 5.7 BAT, why is that? Where did the other 2.8 BAT go? :frowning:

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