My payout is still showing processing pls credit my amount in uphold asap more than 7 days gone

Pls credit my amo in uphold asap more than 7 days gone Steven

Sorry but this Browser now has to many flaws in it with the BAT Rewards program. So many posts so many complaints… Time to move on to a new Browser I think.

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Hi @Kale1987 - please DM me the email linked to your account. Thanks!

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hi @steeven is Publishers Payout still Processing because I didn’t receive mine

I always feel under the pressure when viewing how my payout is still in “processing”. Once I got really worried if the process was going to be over when taking a loan online. Not wanting to do something wrong I turned to It was awesome to work with them from the get-go. What I appreciated was the lack of pushiness compared to other refinance contacts. And people there were patient and great to work with, making the whole process so easy.

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