My payment is not fully paid

Hello! i have two channel, Youtube and Twitch. i set my monthly budget to 100 BAT and i have my payment history stated like this Desktop%2020-08-2018%2020-04-03-256

Two weeks ago i received an email from uphold which is state that my payment is done, but once i see the email i suddenly feel confused and shocked. Because the email said i only received around 47 BAT

and then i checked my brave payment page to make sure my payment is correct and it’s true it was 47 BAT

When i created my uphold account last year i remember that brave browser not yet support twitch channel to be paid and after the time goes by i registered my twitch channel in my brave payment page. So that’ll explain why my Youtube channel have green checklist verified publisher but my twitch not. And yes i already connected my twitch account for my brave payment

What i understand is:

  • I am allowed to register Youtube, twitch, and website channel in my brave payment page
  • I am not allowed to create more than one account in Uphold

My question is:

  1. Where’s my other half payment? (around 50 other BAT)
  2. Why after i register my twitch channel it doesn’t get green checklist in my brave browser? (maybe it’s not considered as ‘official channel’ because that’s not my first channel that i registered?)

Thanks for reaching out @JonathanBruce,
Did you still see balance left in your publishers dashboard (that ~50 BAT)? Can you also check your statement from publishers dashboard?

Also cc @Asad and @nvonpentz for help. :slight_smile:

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Hello, thanks for the reply!
and yes my statement still show that 47,9 BAT and the other half 50 BAT still missing.
When i download the statement in csv file, it’s written only my youtube channel but my twitch channel doesn’t appear in the file, now i know my twitch channel doesn’t count. Maybe that explain why my other 50 BAT is missing. and also today is my contribution day but i’m too late to delete my twitch channel from my contribution page in brave browser and now it’s counted as paying my youtube and twitch channel, because my temporary plan to solve this is just let only my youtube channel in my contribution page so it’s counted as full 100 BAT. But late is late, forget it.
What should i do now?

Hey Jonathan, can you please zip an email to [email protected]? I can take a look then. Make sure you indicate what email address you used to sign up for your publishers account.

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