My passwords were deleted, also passwords won't save anywhere

Description of the issue:
I opened a login and couldn’t fill with password automatically, So I checked the setting and the passwords were empty.
How can this issue be reproduced?

1.No info
2.I just one day tried logging in and no passwords were saved

Expected result:
The passwords stay saved
Brave Version( check About Brave):
Additional Information:
I lost all of my passwords

I searched passwords in finder and found the password file, But password don’t still save from internet

I tried now importing the passwords, Nothing happened

Hey @erlandyt,

did you make sure it is enabled here: brave://settings/passwords

it is enabled and always has been.

Same thing happened with me and deletes randomly could happen every hour or every 3 days.

Sounds awefull. Did you try to get a closer look on possible Malware in the backround.
McAfee offers a tool where you can also search for rootkits select this option when you make a deep scan of your system.
McAfee’s Stinger 32/64 download Page
I forget to mention the last time. You have to select Quarantine and the click on advanced to click on settings, then select a full scan and go to sleep. It will take a while! :wink: I also suggest to just report the threats, because some of our tools are sometimes reported as viruses. Mostly gaming tools, which you will know then.

No threats what do I do?

I am out of ideas. :zipper_mouth_face:

Check to ensure you are not using another Profile. For example - ProfileOne has passwords, ProfileTwo does not .

It says I’m on profile 1. Still how do I check to make sure there are no other profiles?

Well, if you’ve never explicitly created other Profiles, there shouldn’t be more than one.

However, to check, there’s a Profile icon (see the yellow icon in my screenshot) next to the “hamburger” menu



I know, this ain’t a topic, but i would recommend a password manager of your choice, eventually with cloud sync.

Eventually you want (if possible) backup those Passwords saved in Brave. I never used this feature, since I dont find it as secure as it should be.

I hope you can recover your passwords just wanted to add this tip here.

possible reason of deletion

You may have deleted everything in your brave browser. There is a checkbox for passwords.


Can you update to the latest Brave version and confirm whether or not this issue is still present?

Did you read this?

Not sure I fully appreciate your question. I wrote the referenced piece myself and, whilst proofing it I did reread it.

Is there something wrong with the piece which is prompting you to ask me to read it again?

Thank you for your time with this.

Hahaha… nooo, I didn’t reconize that this was yours. I am so sorry but also pretty amused :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

Glad to have raised a chuckle :grin::+1:

This is the first time I’ve been active on any forum so a little skitterish in terms of putting my foot in it.

Are you part of the dev team? I am curious to know if my posted solution is viable as an explanation to the issue at hand or if I’m just obscuring a potentially deeper issue with a temporary work around…

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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You’re welcome! :wink:

No I am also like you only a interested Geek, who is trying to be helpfull.

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Doesn’t help, I am on mac