My new bookmark is being added to the bottom please help

First of all, hello everyone. I love Brave, it’s an amazing browser. I have a very important problem for me, I hope someone can help, I would really appreciate it.
use bookmarks a lot. For this reason, my newly added bookmarks are constantly added to the bottom. and I constantly have to reload it from bottom to top and it’s a waste of time. Sometimes I even have difficulty doing this process.
Could you please let me know if there is a setting for this. How do my newly added bookmarks come to the top.
I’m not saying it for comparison, but this feature comes as standard in opera and similar browsers. Newly added bookmarks come to the top.
I wrote it using google translate. I hope I explained correctly what I wanted to say.
Thanks to everyone involved in this issue.

Hi, so glad to see your post. Am also having same problem with new Android phone, and thus far, have found no solution either. Very frustrating. :thinking: