My new BAT project:

Hello and let’s try again. Corona changed things and now would be a great time to begin!

I just now registered the,, and

The JD site will be my blog, in my name.

The arb site will be a BAT faucet where users get arbitrage tips while claiming bat. The fund will be donation based and pay based onhow many people claim.

The YHWH site is for if anyone out there wants to skip the bullshit of the “end of the world” and move on, in GOD’s name.

I am a religious person and my role is complex. A LOT of money is coming our way and I want to give back using BAT.

I need the following
Discord host/admin
Twitch host/admin
Blog writers
Game players
Jews/Christians/Muslims specifically and of course all will be welcome.
144,000 “witnesses”
People who can move to Penn.
BAT (solidity) devs
Mobile/pc users

YHWH will be a game.

Cheers and check in the coming days

Do you think what you posted here isn’t against the rules of this community?

I like your project, Is it well funded?

Is what he posted against the rules?

No, that is what i call “trolling me” which is against rules :laughing:

I am headed to PA for funding soon. Are the Amish wealthy? I will find out.

Look at I am working on a card creator for the game. Eventually would like to run off a BAT contract or ENJ network.

I have funding to get a proof of concept built.

Here is how I envision it:

You go to the site and enter your BAT address. This is your 1-step account registration. Later, you may add an email address for backup purposes only.

You start with 20 turns. You get +1 turn per 5 minutes with an initial max of 20/20 turns.

Each turn is the equivalent of drawing a card. Users can create/sponsor custom cards too, for a fee. They earn in game currency and can advertise a url on their cards.

When a card is pulled, you earn some in game currency. The person who created the card also gets some in game currency (every time someone draws a card they sponsored or paid to add to the game)

Cards have 10 color rarity levels, but can actually go above 10 ranks if you are VERY lucky. You basically have 1 1/1,000,000 chance of drawing 1 rank 10, 1 in 2 million for a rank 11, 1 in 4 million for rank 12, etc. All cards are more powerful with increasing rank (Troops, armor, weapons, exp items, boosts, arena sabotage/buff items, potions, etc)

The whole point of the game is to earn in game currency (haven’t chosen a name for it yet) and you can exchange those for BAT tokens. Since the game requires time and attention, and requires a BAT address to play, the game can earn from tips/contributions, referrals, etc.

The game will also allow sponsored cards and funds from those will be placed into the distribution account.

Eventually, I would like to tokenize the game items with ENJ (Enjin Coin) or if BAT has a similar solution, of course. Also, I plan to create a solidity contract for the game and allow external investments, but this is way down the road.

The initial game will be built as proof of concept, using PHP and the eventual final product will be multiplatform build using Unity for easy integration into the ENJ network.

Slight change in concept:

Game will earn from BAT, but I am also looking at using DigiAssets or ENJ for in game sales and fees from p2p sales on the asset exchange.

All funds earned would then be diversified into several trusted defi loans or staked in LBA and XTZ.

100% of interest and staking rewards would auto dump into game distribution pools or reinvested to defi to grow the prize pools.

I need a blockchain dev to assist with the digiassets part, so that is a phase 2 item. I am still in Phase 0… :laughing:.

Card generator simulator will be public soon.