My most critical (and only) Brave Improvement Need

While for now I remain committed to support the Brave project - this is how I see it - the ONE reason to move away from Brave suddenly (in frustration) will be:

The ridiculous settings page. Specifically, that you ventured to delegate FUNDAMENTAL settings to where no one bothers to scroll down, so far away it is: “Advanced settings”. Advanced?? LOL

It’s the most BASIC setting I and anyone needs in our times: One quick button to clear SITE specific cache and cookies.

This is so obvious, I am amazed it isn’t a button right next to the Refresh button!
And there’s still space to add a Print button as well, while you are at it. But this is NOT what will make me leave Brave one day.

Just my 50 cent. Worth Gold though. I don’t know in which universe you all live, but in this one, today, any Privacy conscious citizen will frequently need to start afresh with a site.

And as for Brave, even more so: Brave permanently keeps OLD, OUTDATED “data”. In every other browser that I also use,

  • deleted redirects, images, form data, cookies, etc have long been cleared.
  • but Brave will continue to stubbornly even redirect a page to another, despite that the redirection has long been deleted! And no other browser makes that redirection.

So yes, a button to delete ANYTHING SITE SPECIFIC, is worth Gold indeed. For Brave.

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If I understood you correctly, you would like something like that: