My Money Don't Recived Help

Hello, I am Ibrahim. I purchased your VPN product, then I found that it did not work, so I sent a message to you about this problem and told you about the problem, so you sent me a message that my money has been refunded. After that, I enter my visa. I do not find anything that has been refunded and I have not received anything. From the money, please, I want a quick solution to this problem

@SaltyBanana @GuardianTeam please look into this. Thanks.
@ebrahimkhaled24 BTW, where did you contact Brave? Did you raise a ticket

i’ve a ticket in my email i upload this photo now

Okay. Make sure to hide your email address in the screenshot though. Don’t wanna have it fall into wrong hands!

yeah Iknow this, Now I edited The Post and upload the photo :heart:

I will advise you to wait till 7 business days have passed from the issue of refund. Normally it is the same for any refunds from any business. So if you don’t get refund by say 11th of May, you should be worried. If you don’t, just reply here.

Okay Thank You i’m waiting For 7 days And I Saw This If i don’t recived any money i will talk you but i scare for late Money is wasted

Hello @ebrahimkhaled24! @SmartyAadi is correct. From the image you shared, the refund has been processed on Brave’s end and now the payment processor will provide the refund to your account. This could take up to 7 days to fully reflect in your account but you will receive the refund listed in your image.

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