My mobile wallet and publisher wallet not syncing

I have 42 BAT but didn’t know about making account to withdraw, so I made account on brave browser only but my wallet shows zero where as app show 42 BAT

Pls help me and sorry for bad english

Hello @Shantanu_1. The creator/publisher account have nothing to do with the wallet at browser (where you have your BAT). The first serve for having BAT from tipping and reflinks. While the second for the accrual of BAT-s from seeing ads. You need and uphold wallet to send all your earnings there and, after verifying yourself, withdraw those.

Edit: Have in mind that a mobile Brave wallet cannot be connected for the moment with an uphold account.

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I cannot see in uphold account too where can I withdraw my mobile wallet not on publisher too pls help

As I told in my previous post the BAT at mobile device cannot be withdrawn. The team is working to give a way. Hopefully soon will be live.

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