My mobile brave rewards not sync to uphold something went wrong error

Mobile wallet keep saying not verified even i sync it says something went wrong but in uphold it shows intergrated but in mobilebrave it says verify account and my rewards not sync to uphold

I uninstalled mobile uphold then logged in using mobile browser it connected then install uphold again

Testing this out now, and no luck.

@50dub Yeah, their solution wasn’t necessarily a solution in the long run but it is what it is. In your case, you’ve reached your 4 wallet limit and will have to get one of them removed. This won’t be an instant process as you’ll need to complete a Wallet unlinking request form and then wait for Support to get it resolved.

Instructions on where to find the information needed for that form is at Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches

Also just to let you know, if you’ve verified the device and ever open Brave Rewards only to appear like it’s no longer verified, it’s still good. Once verified, you can’t lose that connection. What happens is you’ll occasionally get logged out of Uphold from your device for security purposes. This doesn’t affect you receiving payment but just is logging you out so you can’t see your balance and tip people. To resolve that, you’d just click Verify and then Log In.

Thanks man, appreciate all your doing in here. I tried the unlinked wallet yadadada no luck. buuuuut I found a work. Around where I just tip myself from my browser that can’t link to my YouTube and that is the end of my headache. Hopefully no rush they implement the unlimited number of linked accounts but until the. This works jus fine.

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