My Mac does not start anymore because of Brave

I have a big problem.
In Brave. In chose to open (menu) Tor page.
This crashed the Mac that restarted automatically.
I tried it again and the Mac stopped working. From then it does not start again!!!
What is this?

It might have been coincidence, but in any case, to try to help get your Mac running again could you describe:

  • type/model of Mac (laptop/iMac/Pro) and vintage (when it was built)
    • model number from bottom/back is also helpful (like A1226)
  • version of the OS - the word name is fine if you don’t remember the number (Catalina, Mojave, El Capitan, etc.)

That information is needed since a lot of the steps to try will change depending on model and OS version.

Most Macs can do a safe boot by holding down the Shift key while powering up until you see the startup screen/icon. That is supposed to prevent loading third party software, system extensions, and such.

If that doesn’t get anywhere, you could try resetting the PRAM. This varies by model and OS version, if I recall correctly, but I used to do it by holding down Opt-Cmd-P-R right after powering up and until at least one more startup bong/screen power off for reboot.

Another thing to try is holding down the Option key in the same manner to get to the boot drive selection screen.

If that doesn’t show your desired boot drive but does show a Recovery drive/volume/partition, then select that and see if the Mac boots (but don’t reinstall); if no Recovery disk is shown, the OS might be too old, so try restarting and holding down Cmd-R until you see the startup screen/icon to boot into the recovery drive. That also may vary by model and OS version.

If none of that does anything, do you have an external drive that you know is bootable and/or has macOS installed on it that you can connect to the Mac and try? If not, you should be able to create a bootable Recovery USB flash drive.

Also, I believe all Macs can be forced to boot into disk mode so it can be accessed by connecting to another Mac with a cable. It’s been a long time since I did it, but the web should have the information on that.


I have an Imac 27 1year old

Catalina last update

I am sure it comes from Brave


Le jeu. 5 mars 2020 Ă  22:00, Hnk via Brave Community a Ă©crit :


I have an Imac 27 1year old

Catalina last update

I am sure it comes from Brave
I tried your tricks to restart it but no result


Can you describe what happens when you try to boot? Does the screen light up? Startup bong? Any icon on screen?

For safe boot/mode in Catalina, this article is helpful:

So it does not start : makes no noise, screen is black, nothing happens.
I verified the cables : everything is plugged.
I can not make the safe boot because it does not start

It’s highly unlikely that Brave itself is the cause of this. I would recommend contacting Apple support, or taking your machine into Apple directly for assistance.


Yeah, at this point this is Mac support I’m offering, but my KungFu here is limited in part due to being remote. There are still a couple easy, free things you can do before calling Apple or heading to the Apple Store in your area.

  • Be sure the outlet has power - I have one computer plugged into an outlet controlled by a light switch and I finally had to tape the switch in the on position after my wife and I accidentally powered down the thing one too many times (and yes, I know I could have moved the computer to a different outlet, but the room didn’t really have a better option)
  • If the outlet has power, try holding down the iMac’s power button for 10 seconds, then let go for a few seconds, then try powering on
  • If that didn’t work, try disconnecting the power cord from the back of the iMac for 10 seconds, then plug it in and try powering on. (older version iMac user had success)

If none of those worked, then how to proceed depends on your comfort level with taking things apart. Do you have AppleCare?

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