My local electronic library can not be used


Hello. says:
ZIA0S7 .drawText:TypeError: Cannot read property ‘width’ of undefined

Such a display is made and the electronic library can not be used.
Electronic libraries are also available in Firefox, Google Chrome, Cliqz.

I apologize if I made rude remarks to you.


Hi @maky,

I tried loading using several different browsers but the website looks like it’s currently down. Is it behind some type VPN or IP whitelist? Is the website loading for you?

If you disable the Brave shield on, does the website load or are you still receiving the ZIA0S 7.drawText:TypeError: Cannot read property ‘width’ of undefined error message?


Thank you very much @kamil ,

I could see it when I disabled the brave shield!
It seems to be caused by script blocks and anti-phishing measures.

Thank you for helping me!


The cause was not anti-phishing measures, it was a measure against fingerprints. I’m sorry!


Glad to hear that you’ve got things working @maky! When you run into websites that are having issues loading within Brave, try disabling each control one at a time under the Brave shield and see if that fixes the issue. Both Block Scripts and Fingerprinting Protection tends to break some websites hence why we disable those controls by default.

If you do find a website that’s having issues loading with only the default controls enabled, please don’t hesitate to create an issue so we can investigate and see if there’s anything that we can do on our end.

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