My laptopbhas suddenly slowed down and I have just stared to gets ads?

I looked at site about VPN and shortly after I noticed my Dell laptop running slower then normal and suddenly started to get ads appearing which hasn’t happened since I installed Brave in Mar. 23/2019. I have used a FixMeStick and I am using McAfee Total Protection, I know something is wrong. I am getting to the point of uninstalling Brave and going back to Firefox and uninstalling MaAffee and going back to using Windows Defender. I like Brave browser with no ads, but it is frustrating. I have no idea where they are coming from.
Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Bob Z.

Are you talking about the ads that appear as desktop/push notifications on your machine? If you’re seeing Brave Ads, this setting can be disabled.

Ohh thank you so much. I just hit the “Brave Ads” and it has the directions how to do it right there. Thank you very much. I must have hit something along the way because before I started to get the ads I am really sure that I never got one at
all. Thank you very much.

Robert Zyma

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