My laptop is flashing when use brave browser for a few hours

i’m Asus Zenbook Duo UX482 i7 Gen 11th user.
its been more than a year i’m use it.
my device keep flashing everytime i use the brave browser for a few hours after.
but in the first, i thought the problem is in my device. so i bring my device to the guarantee and got a new screen/monitor by the service center.
but the problem is not going solved. its still keep flashing. then i suggest that i try to not using some app that i use before. and finally i got the problem is my brave browser. i uninstall it for about 3 months, and never get the flashing anymore even when i use it for a day.
so what is the problem between this browser and my device. why it can happen, i need to solve this problem because i’m too comfort to use this browser.

Could you try disabling Hardware acceleration in Brave settings → System .

will try. thanks mate

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