My January BATs Desapeared

Hello people, i am facing some issues with my brave january rewards. I use Windows 10 and my rewards are setting for jan 5, but i never see that on my uphold account.

Today i opned my Brave browser and find that my BATs accumulated as “Brave Rewards” on main page desapeared, showing 0.000
Then i searched my Uphold account, but no bat was send there, so i am worried, please help.

EDIT: i recived my BATs for January Rewards a few moments ago. Thank you for the solution community.

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It happened the same to me! I did receive my BAT from January, but I had 1.58 BAT on my accumulated rewards this morning. Almost an hour ago, I checked and I only had 0.400 BAT! I currently have 0.470 BAT. I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t have the automatic contributions activated. I’m new, I don’t know if this is normal or not. :frowning:

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Unhopefully yes, is normal, once i had 3.550 bat for a month and when recived that on uphold, they just send me 2.6xx which mean i lost part of my rewards.
I hope for your problem, that will be solve… sorry if my english is bad, my language is Spanish.
I wish you luck.


me too all gone like a bubble i stop used brave now

Hi @Jrywaka, great to hear that you received your full payment.

@HeiCal please note that payments are still processing.

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