My homepage is not verified in my iPhone

  • i. Your Operating System and version: iOS 14.4.2
  • ii. Your Brave Version: Version 1.24 (
  • D. Detailed step-by-step instructions of how you came across the issue.
    • i. I downloaded and installed Brave.
    • ii. I connected to my homepage:
    • iii. I clicked the brave rewards icon near the brave icon and url editbox.
    • iv. Brave shows that “This creator has not verified and will not be included in creator support” even if I actually verified my homepage in my Brave Rewards Creators.
    • v. Other platforms such as Mac OS or Android shows the homepage as verified properly. This only happens in iPhone.

I would be very grateful if you could fix Brave for iOS to make my homepage be shown as verified in iOS platform.

Please see the screenshot as a reference.

Now it is shown as verified. It took about 3 days after I actually verified.

I have no idea what the cause was but maybe it would be better to have a refresh button on Brave rewards pane in iPhone app as Android and Mac OS one have.

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