My google search results are filled with irrelevant ads

In these images the search result in brave is filled with amazon ad, whereas the same in safari gives exact result.Please fix this.


In your second image, apparently a Brave Browser window, only a portion of the Google search result, is an Amazon ad link:

@fanboynz may know about a possible solution for your issue.

That ad overlapped dictionary resulting in skipping of whole dictionary portion.


The ‘People also ask’ section appears to take up most of the real estate, where definition and dictionary -type results might display:

There is an Options / Settings button at the upper- right:


Would the Options / Settings permit you to reduce sections, such as the ‘People also ask’?

The Brave Search (beta) site has a similar Options / Settings button. Using that ( you can Disable the ‘Discussions’:


I am sorry I wasn’t clear in the last message, I mean to say, just see both of the images and notice the portion above “People also ask”. Safari browser has the meanings of the word displayed, but in Brave that dictionary section is replaced by an Ad.

So, wait for him to show up, here. (But do check the Options / Settings button . . . maybe the selections thereby, will allow you do Disable such ads.)

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