My god I love your whole idea, but this is buggy


Dear Brave Team,

I realy am an idealist concerning the whole idea behind brave. And I took the efford and switched from firefox to your browser. Which process is btw a pain in the ass itself and not many people are willing to change there browsers, only because of this fact.

Here are my issues:

  • I get buggs over buggs with this browser. So badly, that I didn’t trustet brave to write this post but switched back to firefox. I have the newest Win 10 version with all the updates. My System: i7 6700k, 16GB RAM, Asus Z170 Board, GTX 1070ti. And my system is verry stable atm. I almost have no issues.

  • The browser crashes frequently in a really annoying way. I can’t open new sites anymore (they don’t load, just a white screen in the tab) and when I change an opened site, it also becomes white. Patience doesn’t help, I have to kill the 10+ Tastks of Brave in the tastk manager. Sometimes, I even have to go and kill a few left over tasks seperatly. I reinstalled Brave and did waht not all. It happens every few minutes. After my PC was once in engergy saving mode it seems to be worse. Even when I start Brave after a fresh booting of my PC it sometimes only gives me a blanc screen and I have to kill the process, sometimes several times untill Brave works… but only for a few minutes.

  • And there are also small thinks that annoy me. Like the bookmark folders in the bookmark bar. If I open one, I sometimes can’t select the first bookmark. Why??? I just can’t klick it. Why???

I pushed 60 Dollars worth of BAT into the browser, because the transaction fee was so high and I planed to support the project from now on. But as it stands right now, I can’t work with brave at all.

BTW, the android version works fantastic and I never had any issue at all with it. Good job with that.

For my opinion, you should have never went with a whole own browser. An browser plugin for all the major browsers would have been much better for you. Also concerning adoptionrate of the Brave project.

I really hope you can fix that crappy windows desaster of Brave. And please make it possible for all the people that you screwed with your Brave Windows Performance to get there BAT tokens back. This can’t be so hard to enable.

Yea, you see, I’m upset, but I just wandet to be straight foreward with you. I still believe strong in the Idea behind Brave and think sooner or later someone will get this idea right, but if the execution of that idea is crippled it can’t succeed. And I really hope you will be the guys who get it right.

I whish you all the success guys.

Greetings, Jiri


Jiri, you understand about software that doesn’t have a version number that starts with 1, right? It’s a beta, a work in progress, try with caution if you think you know what you’re doing or are willing to take the chance that things are going to be pretty messed up sometimes.
And as far as BAT…well, they’ve done well getting creators on board, but again, it’s still early days.
(personally, for a wallet, if I can’t hold my private keys to recover to another wallet, I won’t use it. You won’t get fooled twice on this I’m sure)


Yea, I knew beforehand that the wallet was not be enabled to take tokens from again.
Actually I didn’t get it that Brave is still in Beta. Weather I’m absolutely behind the moon or they don’t sell that one really well. I think it was the later one :wink:
I really hope they get this thing right, as they did with the android version. I mean it is based on Chrome, which is a pretty rock solid foundation of a working browser. So they have a good starting point in my opinion.

I can learn to develop more patients I think. But as long as it is that buggy, I go back to firefox for a while.


Actually I feel they’re pretty clear about being in the “building” or public beta phase. Maybe you got excited by some of the really cool things now and potentialities that led to a temporary faith/blindness about how it works in reality.

It’s gonna be grand, when it is.

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Hey, @Angeloi!

First off, I wanted to thank you for the feedback, and for giving Brave a try. As was stated later in the thread, Brave is still pre 1.0, and may have some performance issues. Our aim is to deliver a solid and reliable experience with every release, and we appreciate your feedback as it helps us better achieve these goals.

Can you please download the latest release from, and let me know which (if any) of these issues still exist today? I’d like to make sure we’re tracking remaining issues, and working towards resolution.

Thank you again for the feedback, and I look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.