My funds were zeroed

Hello, I come to inform you that my funds for this month (May/22) have been zeroed, no deposit has been made in my wallet and the ads that appear so far are not accounting too. Should I be concerned?

Hard to say. Usually just the idea of it going to 0 is not to be concerned about, as it ALWAYS drops to 0 at the end of the month. This is because it goes from your device, to Brave, who then converts it and sends you BAT. Everything on device prior is “Estimated Earnings,” meaning you don’t actually possess it yet. It just lets you know what to expect.

Payments begin around the 8th and can take up to a couple weeks to complete. The normal assumption is that you just saw your browser convert over to the next month which then starts at 0 and you’d receive payment during this upcoming payment.

That said, when things work well, it also should show a banner that tells you how much you’ll be receiving and it provides a countdown for when payment process begins. It would look something like below:

So with your screenshots not showing that banner, I’m not sure which to tell you. While they may not be able to do much to help you until after the payments complete, which likely will be the middle of end of June, it wouldn’t hurt for you to create a Support ticket and provide the information they need so they can look into it.

You can create a Support Ticket by completing the form at

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If you took the screen in the first hours of the month, then is quite normal, after 6-8 hours you should be able to see the payment countdown.

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thanks for your attention colleagues

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