My feedbacks on using brave everyday

Hi, here are some of my feedbacks, I’m using Brave everyday 10h+ a day, + web development. I’m using all others browsers in the same time w/ no issues on them, and I’ve 300Mo/sec+ private connection.

  • Brave search needs to be faster. We sometimes have to wait more than 1 sec to the search req to be started, and especially the image search, it sometimes takes few seconds to get the results, and few more seconds to clearly display images 1 by 1. I stopped use of brave search mainly for speed issues. Results are sometimes not as accurate than googles ones on complexe searches, but the brave search gets the job done for everyday searches. But it’s too long!
  • please make the download bar smaller, on 4K screen it takes 1/8 horizontally of screen
  • please allow users to deactivate cache at all, or clear cache for some domains only. I get issues everyday with major websites using brave, and I found out that the main cause is the cache. I sometimes need to switch browser to do a normal action on a website because the brave’s cache is fxcked, and I don’t want to rip out all my saved cache just for 1 website
  • Make the “new tab” button hitbox more permissive, more fat. It’s incredibly hard to get a click on the new tab button, and it’s annoying because it’s one of the most used button everyday
  • when you middle click on a tab to close it, please make the middle click override the “mute” icon on tabs w/ music (youtube…). Nobody middle clicks to mute a tab, but everybody misses middleclick on the tab but middleclicks on the “mute” icon instead when they have many tabs and the tabs are so tiny

Yo guys, Brave is a wonderful project. I can even now work & code on it without any issue (I tried years ago and many things were not working, you guys made a real progress). Those issues are now mainly UI related. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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I love using Brave Browser for development as the Development Tools Layout feature is better than Safari and Chrome.(my opinion)

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