My Experience with Brave Browser

I really want to recommend this browser to people, overall I think the concept of using cryptocurrency to supplement ad revenue is unique and noble, but the biggest issues that are stopping me from doing so is that:

  1. There’s no proper sign in feature.
  2. There’s no option to set so that upon closing the browser no history or signed in accounts are saved.
  3. There’s a drive against Google, yet the browser defaults to using Chrome extensions. (this isn’t important)
  4. The settings theme is the same theme that Chrome/Chromium uses.

I mean, I read recently that this will be added (the browser isn’t v1.0 yet, there are a lot of things to add :slight_smile: )

I’ll be brief at this point, and just write the necessary:
Chromium is open source & anyone can use it. Since Brave also uses it, the extensions work. I think you could also say that they are Chromium extensions, but not Chrome extensions.

Thanks for the feedback. Here’s a point by point explanation.

There is no sign in for any Brave feature. Not sure what sign in feature you are expecting? The text on the profile icon is a residual UI which will be removed in future updates.

Issue is logged for this to be implemented

Extensions get vetted by Brave team and you will see a warning before installing any extension which the team decides might be malicious. Brave just provides an option to install but not recommends it. Installing extensions is done by user at their own discretion.

You can see the new settings page preview which is being worked on

Hope this answers your questions

Wow that looks great! And thank you for the clarity guys. I’m going to use this as my default browser just because I like the motive behind it, I also like that you went through the trouble of adding the option to use Tor proxy browsing which is something I use daily. Once the updates get pushed in I’ll be sure to spread the word to my colleagues.


Perfect. I’ll close the issue for now and you can open a new one if you have any other concerns