My estimated pending rewards dropped after restarting my computer

Previously had 3.79 BAT pending. Restarted and it was less. Have gotten an ad since then and still only at 2.535 BAT


This is Windows 7 machine
Brave v 1.21.76

yeah, this is also happening to me, but Brave is not giving any support looks like

Ya, we’ll see. Also not getting ads on my windows 10 machine, but working fine on Windows 7.

what is the best way to get Brave to wake up and give us answers? don’t they have a mail support somewhere

@steeven is about the only one I’ve seen respond to these things as recently as last October.

that sucks :frowning: but seems kind of strange only 1 support person for this forum. If you find any workable links or email to brave support, then share them. Seems very strange the lack of support from Brave. Okay, see you again at some point :slight_smile:

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