My entire earnings on brave for clicking ads gone... disappeard👀💔

I’ve been using brave browser right from launch and I’ve earned a bit above 18 BAT from clicking ads. I tried to withdraw my BAT to my uphold wallet several but the pop up that says "minimum withdrawal ia 25 BAT keeps popping up and so i started concentrating more on ads clicking and i have about 1.8 BAT reward pending to be paid on jan 6. Suddenly my entire balance on the browser is just GONE… I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE THIS COS I REALLY THOUGHT BRAVE WAS SECURED.

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I have been searching the forums because I’ve experienced the same, only with less BAT, I had a small bit of BAT which I have started to collect in the previous 3/4 months, yet my balance has been altered even though no auto contributions have been made and it wasn’t enough to get to a DEX/CEX, I see the transaction pending for the current BAT tokens yet pretty much all I had is gone except a small 0,25 BAT, I loved the project and what it represented but if they can just pull out their BAT tokens form our accounts then I’d rather stop using brave all together, which would be a shame because the premises of the project is amazing.
I’ll wait to see when the new tokens have been added if the balance will be correct, but if not I’ll update it here in a few days.

@bravedev’s, please fix this if this is a bug.

The December earned rewards are currently processing. The earnings reset at the beginning of the month, every month. Please see the top of the page for payout status.

I am honestly hoping and praying that this bug get fixed otherwise it will a total discouragement for me cos I’ve worked hard on ads clicking for over a year on the brave platform but unable to withdraw my earnings to my private wallet cos the minimum required amount was 25 BAT but now they reduced it to 15 but all my earnings already has been taken away by brave. Please return my earnings

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You do not know you do not have to click on ads to “earn” BAT.

Also, you can create an uphold account first and then link it with browser. This method does not require 15/25BAT and can be done with 3BAT or even 0BAT.

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This just happened to me. I have around 100BAT in my Uphold account but my ~16BAT from November never paid out, then I didn’t get any ads all of December, and then I updated but after that all of my pending BAT disappeared. Maybe we should all just abandon Brave and go to Ungoogled Chromium if these are the bugs we are to expect.

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Well this is just a recent method… Before now you need 25 BAT to verify your wallet

It is a quite old method. And I believe the minimum requirement was reduced from 25 to 15.

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I am also experiencing this missing BAT problem. I have 4 devices (2 phones, 1 desktop, 1 laptop) all with Brave browser as the primary browser. All of these devices have auto-tipping off (I checked). There is a notification in my Uphold account that has 2.75 BAT transferred to '@bravepublishing" which I did not approve of. Can anyone help?


my november and december payout also missing (unverified wallet), no claim button apprearing

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You should have use Gemini there is no minimum limit

For myself I have noticed that once they start processing the last month’s reward, it dissapears from my Brave Wallet. There is a time lag of a couple of days, and then it appeares in my Uphold Wallet. This may be the case with you.

I just hope that this i really the case because i only linked my uphold wallet yesterday wallet but my earnings was already missing long before yesterday

Does it mean that brave has become fraudulent? It really bothers me that all the BAT I’ve earned from viewing ads for over a whole could just go missing from my back office and the support is absolutely silent and comfortable with it. I guess there’s really no one to trust in this crypto wild west.

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