My Earning Decreasing Every Day!

I am working hard for BRAVE and so that My Referral and Confirm increasing successfully! but my Earning Decreasing Every Day, Why? I also turn off my auto contribute, but no solution, plz help.

Hi @DaudSaif,

Welcome to community, and thanks for writing in! Can you provide a bit more context? Are your downloads decreasing?

No sir! my download and install increasing everyday, I am seriously working for brave. I make 3 wordpress site only for promoting it and telling people that brave is the best, and I also make several tutorial on my youtube channel to show my followers how to work brave as a best. However, Thank you for reply sir.

Last week my earning was $139 but now is $105 !!
139 Screenshots:
103 Screenshots:

BAT prices change all the time. Last week 1BAT=$0.26 this week 1BAT =$0.22.

To check prices


OK, I understood! Thank you for solution.