My Crypto deposit

I tried to deposit eth from my ledger wallet into your gemini account but yet to recieve the funds after a day. I will also link the deposit address that I input in the transfer. Can you kindly
trace it.

If you retransferred to Gemini, you need to contact Gemini.
Brave has nothing to do with Gemini. They are distinct companies.

I’ve checked my Gemini account, there’s no deposit found on my Crypto transfer from my ledger to Brave Etherscan.

Can I cancel my ether transactions. I can link my deposit address input to you.

How do I communicate with Gemini in Brave platform from Singapore? I was advised by my Gemini Support to instruct my external wallet or service provider i.e. Brave that holds custody of my crypto deposit to initiate a withdrawal to my unique Gemini crypto deposit address.

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