My country isn't supported by Gemini nor uphold!

Hello guys, so my country Turkey isn’t supported by either Gemini nor uphold, i had my wallet verified before, but now it’s not, I’ve 3 payments await for me to claim,but I can’t claim them since i don’t have connected wallet.
Any suggestions please in what can I do at the moment?

Not true. Hit claim and get them. They are stored in your browser until you can link to a custodial partner in the future.

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Thanks for the explanation, here’s what happens:

@zewar Okay, uncertain answer on that. I mean, is your browser the most recent version? If not, make sure to update and then try. If it was updated, then I’d say go create a Support Ticket and make sure to provide them all your information, such as the Wallet Payment ID. Support from Brave will then investigate and help resolve it.

Also, once you create the ticket and receive a ticket number to your email, do me a favor and respond here to let us know your ticket number.

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I believe your issue is not related to whether you have a connected Uphold or Gemini account.

The first thing I would check is whether your phone passes Android SafetyNet. 9/10 times, when there is an issue claiming earnings on Android, it is due to the phone not passing Android SafetyNet.

You can download a SafetyNet checker app, and see if your phone passes. If it does not, then that would most likely be the issue.

Let’s start with that, and you can follow up once you’ve checked.


Thanks a lot guys, it was a safetynet related issue, all is clear now :smiley:

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