My country is not supported

I posted a review on playstore that my country is not supported.

The answer was:
Can you please alaborate on the specific issues you expirience so we can better assist you.

I registered in the brave browser and i had to choose my country.
The Netherlands is not supported.
Now if i click the triangle in the upper corner right it tells me this:

To earn BAT, users must link a admin account to earn BAT rewards. On this moment there is no admin account for your region, so earning is not possible. By enabling brave rewards, developers will be supported automatically.

What to do? I dont know but i think i cannot use the app to earn BAT tokens?
So its unusable for me? To bad

Did you download the app from Brave website?
The message you are describing looks very weird. I am afraid you may have installed some scam app.

I never heard of admin accounts (Brave does not have accounts) or supporting developers via rewards.

This message is what i mean.

I downloaded the browser from the playstore so no sideloading or rooted device.

My country is The Netherlands and its also not on the list of supported regions.

(I tried to translate it in the post above)

@RickyZimm I have a feeling it might just be a bad translation for Dutch. Essentially it’s explaining that you need to be connected to a custodial partner, which at this point is limited to Uphold.

Pretty much, that’s correct. You can still participate in Rewards if you’d like. If you do, this will still earn BAT but they will be automatically contributed to Creators sites you visit. You also won’t be able to see how much BAT earned or who is getting it.

However, if that doesn’t sound good to you, then you’re able to turn off Brave Rewards and you won’t have any of the ad notifications but can still access all other features of Brave.

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