My country is not supported with Uphold/Gemini

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I would like to use Brave for browsing and for ads in the coming months for my business BUT… my country ( Libya ) is not supported with both Uphold & Gemini, i have Emailed both companies and both said there isn’t any plans to add my country, which is weird because my country is supported by many top tier exchanges such as Binance & FTX.

Is there plans for Brave to link to Binance in the coming future maybe?
All countries should be supported, Brave is basically missing out on potential growth & more customers.

They are always looking for ways to expand, but it can be difficult based on laws and overall regulations. Sometimes regardless how much a place wants to do business, their hands are tied. For example, last I’ve heard it is illegal for cryptocurrency in Libya. Articles such as,to%20the%20individuals%20trading%20cryptocurrencies. and

I understand that people still use it. As one article said: Despite the cryptocurrency being banned by the Arab country’s central bank 0.6% of global Bitcoin mining operations took place in the North African country between September 2019 to April 2020

But if it’s not legal, then businesses can’t really do anything to help you. If your government starts supporting it, then maybe.

Brave is always looking to add more exchanges. For that to happen, people need to reach out and let them (exchanges, such as Binance) know that they would like to see them work with Brave. It’s not just a simple connection, there are business contracts and negotiations that have to happen. Some just aren’t seeing a benefit to having Brave connect to them. Others just are beneficial to Brave right now due to the negotiations.

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Yeah that ban actually existed for like 24 hours lol… The situation here is kinda’ shaken up, the central bank management was just trying to find something to do, then they remembered that it is actually a failed state there is far more important stuff to do then ban something they don’t understand :joy:

Now People here use Crypto freely, many businesses revolve around Crypto, withdrawal offices and such all act in the open everyday, you can almost say that nobody took that “Law” seriously :joy:

Plus people here mine Bitcoin like crazy because of the free electricity Libya & Tripoli Capital have, And more shipments of ASIC miners arrive every month… Soon enough it will be legal “on paper” lol.

BUT, i am perplexed… if Brave couldn’t include Libya because of “Regulations” then how Binance & FTX and other major exchanges have already included Libya? :sweat_smile:

I am pretty sure they also didn’t take the Ban seriously as well :joy:

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