My confrimation shows 2 confrimed referal but payout is zero


my confrimation shows 2 confrimed referal but payout is zero. i uploaded my dashboard image, could you please guide me what’s up and why payout is zero after 2 day?
please check below image


Same here, I got about 30 confirmations and no additional BAT was rewarded to my account. Any info?

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same problem here…


Same problem, Please cek admin :smile:

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also dont have reward for confirmed refferals! why?

Same problem
please solve that

Same problem here please fix it

this problem, started once again. please check it. after your update it was ok, but started once again. I have 8 confirmed but my balance is only 30 BATs. please check it

Yes, I have the same second time, I’m waiting for solution too, it’s common problem of Brave Rewards now. Regards,

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Quién sabe algo sobre la asignación de los BAT por BRAVE es que en este mes se me han hecho 4 confirmaciones y en las dos primeras confirmaciones me asignaron los BAT pero no me han otorgado bat en las dos últimas por qué será, saben algo?

I can confirm, I have the same issue again since around 3 days

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