My browser is reloading all tabs automatically

Hello, Everyone Please help me in solving this issue
So recently, I was watching youtube and suddenly the webpage reloaded and I thought that I had mistakenly reloaded it but after 1 seconds the webpage reloaded again so I closed the window and opened it again but the problem didn’t resolve and Its only on windows and not in android and I removed all the extensions and its still not resolved and then I tried watching youtube on private tab also and the problem still not resolved so please anyone help.

All the websites.are facing this issue.

Yes, the shield settings are on default and I tried turning it off and it didn’t resolve and I also rest the settings.

The adblock is working well In both normal and private tabs.

I am using windows but as it was reloading constantly I am writing this in android phone and ni problem in android but only in windows

Brave version is 1.67.119

Well It got resolved as I turned of “Use Graphic accelaration when avilable” option in setting on brave

I searched it via chatgpt