My browser crashes in the brave rewards area

I try to tip or look at my pending tips and it crashes the browser.

In brave rewards hit pending contributions. Or hiting brave rewards while open on a page where i can tip. it will crash the browser): 1. 2. 3.

I have no recording software:

I expect it to happen everytime:


Windows 10, V1.11.104 ):

Additional Information:

Hello @jamvencarter

could you try to disable all extention or create new profile and see if it work or not

hope that help and have a nice day

How do i get a new profile? I have all extensions off already.

I made a new profile and it still fails

what is you brave version?

V1.16.72 brave beta

let me ask someone of the team to help you @Mattches

and have a nice day both of you

Thanks hope mattches has an idea lol

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First, can you clairfy which Brave version you have? At the top, you note v1.11.104 but when asked you reported Brave Beta v1.16.72 – which one is it (Launch browser, Menu --> About Brave)?

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V1.16.72 is the beta that crashes. using the bas brave instead for the moment.

you use beta ?! version 1.16.72

could you go to brave://settings/help
and send screen shoot of what you see

sorry if i am confusing

it’s ok do not be sorry

just to make sure i got you

the issue in the beta version am i right ?

the release version is working fine am i right?

yes the release is fine. the beta crashes constantly.

could you check that @Mattches

the release version work fine with him

the crash happen only on the beta version 1.17.61

and have a nice day both of you

Had this problem for months sadly
re installed, no extensions.

did you tried to create new profile in the beta then try to open the reward page their just for testing and see if it work or not

i did and it still crashes.

i am not sure why wait tell @Mattches back from the week end
so maybe he has a better idea

an have a nice day

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Thank you for reaching out. Can you tell me more about what happen leading up to the crash? You say that the crash happens

:point_up: Is this the only time crashes occur (when using one of these features)? Does using other Rewards features also produce a crash or do they work as intended? Can you tell me the exact steps you would take right now to produce the browser crash you’re describing? Additionally, a short video recording would go a long way as well.