My browser bar no longer shows a list of URLS when I start typing

In my current open window, whenever I start typing a URL in a brand new tab, the browser will autofill in the first most relevant result but will not show me a list of similar URLs:

However, when I open a brand new window, this functionality gets restored. See below:

What’s the best solution? For me to just close my current window and re-open all my tabs manually in a new window? Or restarting my computer?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

v1.62.153 on Windows 11 Desktop.


What’s weird is I just went to that page and have those exact same checkmarks as shown in your image.

I still have the same issue. I think I’ll just close my current window, re-open the tabs in a new window and go from there.

I’ll update this thread if the issue persists for whatever reason.

Maybe check your Forgetful Browsing settings, both global and per-site and see if that’s a factor? :thinking:

Looked at that too. Don’t have that option enabled for a site or globally.

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