My Brave vpn plan can not be reset after canceling mine

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Type of device (iPad pro, iPhone 10, etc):
Macbook M2, Galaxy S20 Plus

Detailed description of the behavior:
I have canceled my Brave VPN plan a few months ago. My plan has been purchased by Android, and Macbook were connected next. Because I can not use my VPN in Mac device. So I decided to cancel my existing plan, and register again in PC.
Although I canceled my subscription in Google Play Store, But my account page always shows my plan already removed. I can not subscribe new plan in PC.

After clicking the button Cancel plan, Message says You should cancel your subscription in Google Play Store, But I already canceled.

How can I subscribe vpn plan again in PC(Macbook)?

Well, I will tag @saltybanana and @GuardianTeam to assist you.

BTW, what happens when you click Refresh Brave VPN ?

Nothing happens actually.

@nwl You can check if Brave VPN is listed in System settings > Network > VPN and delete it from the list. Then go to and see if you are now able to purchase a plan.

We can help you resolve this issue but we’ll need you to submit at ticket with us first. Can you please do so (select Premium Products) on our form linked below, then tell me the ticket number you are given once you’ve submitted?