My brave token which I earned as rewards has reduced from 2 BAT to 1 BAT and its not done by me

I had 2 BATS in my brave browser. and yesterday I saw that it was showing only 1 BAT. So I need to know where that other 1 BAT went. How I can restore my lost BAT ?
If anyone have any ideas, then help me in this issue.

Thank You.

make sure in your brave browser the option “auto contribute” is set to off.
you can find option. when you click on the three line icon at the top right corner and then select the option “brave rewards” and inside the page look for the switching option says “auto - contribute” set this to off and then your rewards will not automatically send to contributors.

Yes, that option is already turned off since the time I’ve started to use Brave and still it’s off.

If anyone knows how I can contact to BRAVE support. Then it will be a great help

the brave rewards will not lose . but there is some other cases as well.
1: you may mistakenly tipped some websites linked with brave creator service
2: it may be sent to your uphold or gemini wallent

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