My brave scroll bar in all website is in rainbow colour and logo's are in yellow colour. help

**description of issue.
All scroll bars in brave are discolored. mainly are rainbowish and logos are colored whole as yellow rectangular bars
How can this issue be reproduced?
I cannot confirm that this can replicate the issue

  1. I was rendering with blender and closed brave while it was rendering

Expected result:

**Brave Version 1.47.186

Additional Information:

It does not look like simple theme change to me.

Looks like an actual bug. Were you rendering images/videos inside the browser on a website?

Official brave team members will have to look into it @Mattches

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I’m also interested in knowing if you were rendering in browser or if this was done on some app on your machine. Additionally, as it’s unclear from your post, is this a persistent issue? That is, does the browser still appear this way at this time or has it changed back to normal?

the browser has changed back to normal after a day.

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