My brave rewords to gemini

hi iv still have not received any rewords been two months now I did get told to inbox #brave-rewards steeven from support on here but no one got back to me this has been going on from day one of leaving uphold for Gemini just nothing has gone in I’m verified on Gemini my wallet is verified so I’m at a total los my email is []

is anyone from support free to help with this feel like no one will help

Hi @BakedBeangaming, I’m reviewing your DM now.

@BakedBeangaming Hi! Can you help me to? I have the same problem

hi do you have an update as yet, please

time to go to the press. I have mine open since Sept 12…they’re holding onto the BAT to ensure we dont get the rewards we’re promised…

I have my request open since sept and again this month…but its clear the whole community is being denied their BAT and this is not part of the agreement. I am tired of waiting I included all my details and there’s nothing…this means my tokens are being withheld…

Hi @BakedBeangaming I still need your wallet ID. Can you please send.

@maarrrrk I don’t see a message from you. Can you send your wallet ID in a DM.


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