My Brave Rewards Token Not Credit in My Gemini Wallet

I Have Many Times Try To Contact and Inform my brave token not credit in my gemini wallet. but unfortunately brave team not contact me many times tweet and many times email contact many times tag brave community not response please help me
Screenshot 2021-12-11 143627
Uploading: Screenshot 2021-12-02 202403.png…

Hi @gauravtomar, did you receive your payment on Friday?

Dear, i have not recieved bat token see this. many times check but not any response brave team. i have waiting last 1 month. @steeven

Hi @gauravtomar, based on the screenshot, it looks like your wallet still needs to be verified with Gemini.

I also didn’t recieve my payment yet?

I am suspecting that brave browser just like Pi Network, a never promising reward…

dear, see this. please send you proof transaction is complete show me detail then i send mail gemini exchange why not recieved my bat token. send me @steeven

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