My brave rewards started over by it self

I downloaded brave latest version on my Android month and a half ago.
Not a verified account . When I opened it today, it looked like it started over again.
I didn’t tip any page.

New enough that this is basically your first payment then? You usually have two things you see on your Brave Rewards page. One is your Balance and the other is Estimated Earnings. At the start of each month, your Estimated Earnings decreases to 0 because the new month begins. Then around the 8th of each month, payments from the prior month balance begins to pay.

As an unverified User, yours should come faster than most others but it can still take a couple weeks for payment to arrive. When it does arrive, you’ll have a Claim button you’ll need to push and it’ll sometimes make you do a captcha. This will then store your BAT (actually vBAT) in your browser.

Just be mindful if you ever do a system restore on your device, lose it, or anything else that you’ll lose all vBAT in your browser. So it’s good to keep your Brave folder backed up so you don’t lose it if something happens. Also, it might be best to actually Verify with Uphold or Gemini if your region is supported. If unsupported, I guess be patient and hopefully some good changes will be coming in the near future.

If you’re saying you’ve claimed BAT and it disappeared, make sure you check to make sure you have Auto-Contribute turned off. By default, it is turned on and programmed to take 1 BAT a month. So if you didn’t manually turn it off, that would explain up to 1 BAT going away.

If it’s more of an issue than that, you can create a Support Ticket at

Once you create that ticket, someone from Brave can help you.

Thank you for the great info.
I’m new to this browser, so a lot of things wasn’t clear enough and I should have done more research.

Understood, there’s a lot to learn. When I asked if new enough I was sincere in asking. By the way, it might be beneficial to check out the little FAQ I created, as it gives a nice little introduction to various aspects of Brave Rewards and Brave Community. Link is below:


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