My brave rewards payouts are significantly less

Dear Brave Team

I have been using brave all 3 brave browsers for last 8 month’s however for past 3 month’s I am feeling that Brave browser rewards (BAT) is a scam scheme. They don’t pay you out all your BAT rewards at month end. They just pay you just a small fraction of BAT earned during the month and forcefully carry forward BAT to next month. For example my total BAT earning for Jul 22 month was 8.5 BAT however they paid me just 1.15 BAT in Aug month, remaining 7.35 BAT are carried forward for Aug month’s earning, which I don’t know how many more months they will carry forward.

Kindly advise why ally brave regards are not paid in consecutive month? If you don’t resolve it, I will stop using brave and will uninstall all three browsers.

PFB error screenshots

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Same for me, I now have more than 13 BATs from june and july and I’m only about to receive 0.3 BATs (0.2 last months). I too think it is starting looking like a scam and will leave if not resolved quickly

Hi all, please let me know if this continues after updating to v1.41.100. Thank you.

Does the v.1.41.xx+ fix the Response public key does not exist in payments issuer public keys exponential back-off problem?

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