My Brave Rewards on my Windows Dektop is not updating anymore

Why does my Brave Rewards not update on my Windows Desktop anymore but on my Laptop Windows and on my Android Phone works ok. What changed?

Brave Rewards

Why is this happening to me?
It worked in the past. The only thing that changed was the Binance was added for some reason and now it stops collecting BAT.

Are your Rewards updating in your Rewards panel/Settings – that is, is it just the widget that isn’t properly updating?

How can I tell? The widget for sure is not working.

When i click on the rewards icon i see my Wallet is verified

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When i click on settings, Brave Rewards - I see Brave Rewards ON, Ads ON, Auto- Contribute OFF

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I see in Ads - Estimated pending rewards = 0.0 BAT 0.00USD

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