My Brave Reward Vanished from my account

I Had 5 BAT in my Brave Reward from December Month, But Today ( 2/01/2024) i Saw my Brave Reward Section and it was empty, I did Restart my Device Still No progress.

Android 13
Brave Version 1.61.109

Connected with Zeb Pay

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I do have the same issue!!

@Theandroidlord @e4d23bda79985129256b depending on where you’re looking, this is normal. When you look at your widget, it usually shows something like below:


The number on the left, where it says Balance is just what it sees while connected to your custodial partner. So I have 50.274 BAT in my Rewards part of Uphold. This is no longer in my browser and is in Uphold’s account. If I get logged out, I won’t be able to see it. Also if that ever changes, I need to go to Uphold to see where it went.

The number on the upper right is our estimated earnings for each month. As this is a monthly number, it goes back to 0 when a new month starts. This number is not 100% accurate and is just a guide to help us see how much BAT we might be earning. Then payments begin to process through Brave around the 7th of each month and get sent to our accounts.

I want to reinforce that I said payments START around the 7th. It can take anywhere from a few hours all the way up to a few weeks for payments to complete. You can check monthly payment status at Ads Payout Status Update

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