My Brave reward not be credit please check

Congrats! Your September rewards have arrived! this massage show but reward not credit in my wallet please help me

Rewards payment ID: 6edcb3b2-e36a-4b19-9688-1854aedc11d6

@steeven @Mattches

That notice is, unfortunately, a generic one that shows the timing for payments, which is around the 8th of each month. It isn’t browser/person specific typically. If you check Ads Payout Status Update you’ll see current status.

My assumption is if you wait, it will likely appear for you within a few days. Since we’re in the weekend, that can impact it as well. If you don’t have it by Tuesday/Wednesday, especially if that link shows payments complete, then submit a Support Ticket


Very little to nothing can be done about payments until AFTER payments are complete. So until that notice shows payment complete for Unverified or whichever method you have, it’s best to hold off on contacting for support, at least not for the current month. You can contact if you think had big issues beforehand.

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