my brave is having 2 problems,

my brave is having 2 problems, he has blurred letters, when I move the mouse they unravel, and this is bad already I tried to fix it and I couldn’t, the other problem is that my BAT are coming wrong, I see advertising and it doesn’t count and sometimes I

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Hi, @mxlx, for the graphics tearing, have you shut off Use hardware acceleration when available to see it is fixes this issue?

As for not earning any BAT, are you using a VPN by chance?

Hi I discovered the problems of BAT and already solved, however I did not understand how to fix the blurred letters.

Try shutting off this setting, and see if it could help brave://settings/system :

Thank you for your help,solved my problem

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Did it help you, @mxlx ? Has the graphics tearing stopped?

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