My Brave iOS is missing the "Legacy Wallet Transfer"


My Brave iOS is missing the Legacy Wallet Transfer, how can I transfer my rewards to a desktop browser?

Can a moderator help me in this regard @Mattches ?

Also, why it says that Uphold is not available in my Country, when I have a valid verified Uphold account that I have used since day one when it was accepted by Brave?!
How can I fix this nonsense issue?

Thank you.

You live in a region not listed at

That’s why.
Also Brave rewards has been discontinued for iOS.

Your information is wrong. I live in a region where it is listed!
And I am using it since day one Brave launched the support for Uphold.


I still receive Brave Ads on my iOS browser!
And I have read that I can transfer all my BAT’s to a desktop Browser. How can I do that if the “Legacy Wallet Transfer” option is not there?!

That’s not how it is. It depends on which country’s passport you submitted to do KYC /AML at Uphold. If the passport or ID is not from a country listed at the link above then that’s the issue. Also did you choose the correct country when you got the choose a region prompt in rewards?

I am just going to ignore that for the moment (Country is listed).

And want to get back to my first question about asking a moderator to help me transfer my iOS Brave BAT to my Desktop Brave browser.

Thank you!

Could you share a screenshot though?

@starlord To my knowledge, this doesn’t exist anymore. Rewards ended for iOS back in 2020 and then was only a short period of time to move BAT from it.

No you don’t. Not if you’re sincerely meaning iOS. You can earn on Mac, but not iOS.

In any case, not worth sitting here arguing. Big thing is that you’ll need to submit a Rewards Support Ticket at for anyone from Brave to be able to help you with it.

@Saoiray Thank you for your help. That’s what I needed.

FYI: Yesterday I got an Ad on my Brave iOS for the 1inch: Crypto DeFi Wallet. Is that a glitch?
If I get to see it again I will certainly drop a screenshot here.

That was me tired and not properly phrasing. We can still participate in Rewards but we can’t earn BAT. If we participate in Rewards and see ads, we won’t see BAT accumulate. However, Brave will still auto contribute earnings to Creators.

So when I phrased as I did about not being able to participate in Rewards on iOS, I meant to say unable to earn BAT and all.

Also to reinforce, there may be a chance Brave can assist you if you have BAT on your device from that long so, but because it’s been so long I don’t know how likely it is. I’m wanting to say someone said has been too long now and it’s no longer an option, but only way to know for certain would be to attempt a support ticket.

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