My brave got partially reset and scared the sh*t out of me, i need some help setting precautions

so i had an electricity outage that caused my computer to abruptly turn off, I turn it on again and it had reset to the default theme, i couldn’t see my bookmarks (I just had to make it so that i could see them thankfully i didn’t lose those) and all of my extensions were gone. I slowly started adding all my extensions back and making the settings to how i like em. I noticed that my accounts, my cookies(most of them). My download location was also reset. i use this extension called “Clipboard History Pro: best productivity tool URL:” and as i mentioned the extensions were removed but the absurd thing was that when I added it again it had all of the history suggesting the stuff wasnt deleted. Anyways a reason would be nice but im focused on a way to constantly backup/sync the brave browser data to the cloud to avoid something like this, i am aware of brave://settings/braveSync but that syncs to another device not the cloud, if there is a way/workaround/setting im missing please let me know and help me out

(I don’t think this was the cause tho it has happened many times with no effect on the browser and nothing else on the computer is affected)

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