My Brave browser in my office desktop and on my laptop at home is showing a different amount of estimated earnings (Both have the same seed phrase)


My Brave browser in my office desktop and on my laptop at home is showing a different amount of estimated earnings.

I first install Brave on my desktop, after a few months I installed Brave on my laptop. After installing Brave on my laptop, I took the seed phrase of the Brave from the desktop and I used it to restore that wallet on the Brave that I installed on my laptop.

After restoring the seed on my laptop, I noticed that the amount of estimated earnings on the desktop got restored to the brave on the laptop. But after the payment, they are now showing different amounts of estimated earnings. Both Braves are verified using the same Uphold account.

Is using the same wallet seed on two brave browsers bad? What exactly going to happen on the estimated earnings on my laptop and the estimated earnings on my desktop when the next payment date comes since I am actively using them both (the desktop during the day and the laptop at night)?

Hmp, well i do the same between Windows and linux on dual boot. And i also seen this, but it doesn’t had been a problem to me. I think this happends because of the internal records of the wallet don’t get sync propertly.

In any case, take like reference the PC where you work most for your eanings.

Do you also have the same payment date on both? Mine are both August 6, what happens when the payment date comes?

Hmp, i haven´t paid attention to that. But since the payment date is updated from the server it should appear the same on both.

Any way, since we are talking of crypto wallets, it doesn´t matter much if you have it on different machines, this since your total amount of BAT is reflected in the ethereum blockchain and is updated (in this case) every time you earn a BAT token. In other words, while your PC´s are connected to internet your balance should be updated correctly even tought the UI may not reflect those changes immediately, sometimes (in my case) one OS show´s one or two BAT less than another, it usually gets updated when i receive an add or afther a time, but by now i don´t have problems with payments.

What i commonly do is, i have 1 browser with the uphold sync and the other without it, both using the same seed phrase, that´s to avoid the limit of 4 devices. That way i get paid the accumulative of BAT on both browsers since all gets tracked with the same wallet.

There was a time where i had sync uphold on both OS, and i didn´t have any problem, i just mention this if you ask if there is any problem with it.

As for the innexact counter, take like reference the PC that you use more as when an admin asks for your internals.

Edit: i have check the payout date on windows (i commonly use linux and i haven`t opened in quite a time now), and yes, it says the next payout is on august (on both OS), as for the BAT that i have this month, well the counter seems correct.


Can you elaborate more about this? Say, today I have 40.2 BAT on the desktop (which I use more frequently) and I have 40.1 BAT on the laptop (which I use the least). Then the payment is also today, how many BATs wil go to my Uphold wallet? Sorry to ask, I just installed Brave on my laptop last week after months of using it in my desktop.

In the theory, you should be receving 40.2 since is the wallet that has more time to be updated, this is way i recommended using this like reference.

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Now I know, thank very much.

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