My brave browser got a virus, stored in cache


My security suite picked up a virus last night. The pathway showed that it was stored in brave cache. I also had not turned on any extensions in brave, but upon examination found that someone turned on the Torrent Viewer extension. I’m not really techi, but I suspect someone hacked my browser, for some reason turned that on, and implanted the virus.
The threat type or name is: Coinminer_COINHIVE.E-JS
So its crypto related.
I cleared all brave cache, and rescanned the computer, and the virus was no longer there. So it seems clearing cache got rid of it.
I’m not sure what this virus was supposed to do or did. Does anyone have ideas or knowledge about this? Thank you.

PUA.OSX.CoinMiner.1.r detection in the Brave Browse for Mac

The kind of malware we are dealing here is a cryptocurrency generator/miner. Malicious actors use these to infect other people’s machine & exploit their resources for profit. The kind of threat you’ve got shall use your resources (CPU & GPU) upto 90% which is not good for a healthy computer.

It’s always a good idea to make sure you have an second opinion scanner on your system along with a main security suite. Emsisoft Emergency Kit is a freeware that I personally prefer as a second opinion scanner. Don’t worry, second opinion scanners are not built to clash with your main security suite. You can run your main antimalware & Emsisoft Emergency Kit simultaneously. Give it a try, enable PUP detection & run a scan to see if your main PC missed something. Here’s the link:

Speaking of threat you received, it might be that malware was intentionally injected by one of the websites you visited or maybe a download from unknown source.

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Thanks for that useful information. I have a mac, not a PC. Is there a version of Emsisoft Emergency Kit for Macs? or something similar?


Well. Perhaps its a Macintosh, I’m happy to say you won’t need a second opinion scanner as of now. However, I would thoroughly recommend you to have a strong first layer of defence (Which you call your main security suite)

These were the most trending threats for personal Mac in past year. I’m afraid to say threats on Mac are growing at a rate like never before :

Total in rise including PCs & Macs :

I’m a malware analyst & these are the few security suites I recommend most for Macintosh :

_> Sophos Home for Mac
_> Kaspersky Internet Security [Mac] [Most Recommend]
_> TrendMicro [Mac]
_> AVG [Mac]
_> BitDefender Internet Security [Mac]
_> Eset For Mac [Highly recommended]
_> Avast Security [Mac]

What I wouldn’t recommend is
_> Malwarebytes Anti Malware [Poor signatures, Buggy/malfunctioning behavioural blocking module, Heavy on resources]
_> Avira for Mac [Heavy on resources sometimes, Invasive & tons of annoying pop-ups on detection]
_> McAfee [Terrible signatures & Poor detection]
_> Norton [Buggy security suite with poor self defence. You wouldn’t realize if your security suite is hijacked & if someone is watching you silently]

Perhaps this was an off-topic reply but I hope this will surely help you in near future! All I want is a secure internet that everyone can use without fear :smile:

Feel free to ping back on Brave community!

Best Regards!


Right on topic. I really appreciate you sharing all that information!! Very useful. :+1:
I use Trend Micro.

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