My Brave account does not credit my bat, even though my referrals are confirmed. can someone explain to me?

This is my problem, I am attaching images, I am in the referral program and my 14 did the whole process as it should, I checked and the referrals are downloaded, installed and confirmed but still the Bat are not accredited.

I would really appreciate if someone could explain to me


For now no reff system, l think. last l read announcement, system check very much cheat for refferal,

  • Maybe admin can help you for explain this

How can I contact the administrator? The accounts that are still enabled can still be in the referral program but no more people can enter.

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@steeven maybe he can help you, for fix your problem

thank you! Have a great day

Hi @albajos, what’s the email linked to your account? Please DM. Thanks!

ayudame tambien por favor

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