My bookmarks are not showing up in the bookmark manager



My bookmark tab is listing entries, pages I have bookmarked still show up as such, and the sub folders for sorting bookmarks still exist, but the bookmark manager is empty? I’ve tried multiple fixes for similar issues and none of them have worked none of them have worked. Why has this happened?

Operating system: windows 7 home premium version 6.1

Brave: 0.17.13
rev: f7242c7ae683191b59388f567ccbd13d938b23d4
Muon: 4.1.7
libchromiumcontent: 59.0.3071.109
Node.js: 7.9.0
Update Channel: dev
os.platform: win32
os.release: 6.1.7601
os.arch: x64

I. open brave
II. go to bookmarks
III. Bookmarks empty
IV. Notice bookmark feature still lists folders
V. Test to see if a previously bookmarked site is still marked, it was.
VI. Test to see if I can create new folders. I can. Folder “test” shows up in drop down box for sorting new bookmarks
VII. Restart browser. no change
VIII. Edit session store, no change.


ok my brave bookmarks are not showing, similar to above…

latest version of Brave
windows 10

i Cant see OTHER Bookmarks or SAVE TO them
Nor can i create a folder in the, or move/copy bookmarks to them off the bookmark toolbar
even when i use the bookmark MENU Tab, the same thing happens



We have a known (intermittent) issue for this, it is logged at the link below and can be tracked from there:



thanks wasnt sure about that


I’m having the same problem. I have both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions installed on Windows 10. I’d be happy to do any troubleshooting that’s necessary.

Only posting because it looks like folks weren’t able to replicate the issue.


Hi @purplehawaiian

Thanks for reporting this - which version of Brave are you using?



Same problem on Ubuntu distro


Same happened to me too, working on OS X 16.7.0 (64-bit), Brave version 0.18.14


Hi @teo and @PERCEPT10N

If you close/reopen Brave, do the Bookmarks show up?



Seems to be fixed in version 0.18.23 :smiley:
Got the update just after I submitted the comment … blushing


Yay @PERCEPT10N!!! Glad to hear that. My next question was going to be 'Did you update to latest version?" :grinning:


With the new ver 18.23 it seems that bookmarks are back but still i see issues. When i bookmark a page i can’t save it in the category of bookmarks i have created. The only option i have is the bookmarks toolbar.


Hi @teo

Could you possibly take a screenshot of what you’re seeing? Do you mean that your Folder drop down is blank or missing entries (unlike the screenshot below)? Or do you mean something different?

28 AM



Same here. But if I’m in the bookmark manager, in the the Other Bookmarks folder then the new bookmark will get created there even though my only choice in the drop down was the toolbar (clicking on the New Bookmark button in the Bookmark Manager).



As we can see i have created to Bookmark folders “Youtube” and “Bitcoin”.
When i am choosing Edit Bookmark or Bookmark a page i don’t have an option to choose between the folders i have already created.


Hi @teo

Thanks for the screenshots, that definitely clarifies things for me. Since those folders are under ‘Other Bookmarks’ they aren’t visible in that drop down. This issue you are facing has been logged and can be tracked at the link below. I have outlined this scenario in the comments of that issue. Thank you for reporting.



Since there is no possibility to sort or autosort bookmarks in Brave, I exported them to a .html file, imported them in Firefox and sorted them with a plugin. But when I exported and imported them back in the opposite direction, only the bookmarks that started with A or B were shown in the bookmarkbar, while they were all shown in about:bookmarks. I went back to Firefox and I noticed there was an odd bookmark called Bookmarkbar. I deleted it, exported back to Brave and the problem was solved.

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