My bonus account is on "publishers" How can i withdrawal BAT ? Help me!

My bonus account is on has not yet withdrawn the uphold wallet. How can I withdraw that BAT?
Please help me !
Thank you & Best Regards !

Where are you trying to withdraw to (bank account, another crypto wallet, etc)? Depending on the answer to that question, there may be different process for you to follow:

Your timing is actually decent, gas prices on the Ethereum blockchain are finally way down after a very, very long time. If you wanted to move your BAT tokens to another wallet (MetaMask, for example is a great option), the process is slightly different, but this is absolutely the method i would recommend:

Not BAT from Uphold wallet. that is it at page web:

must wait until a new payment! usually the payment date will be, you know?

@huynhanhto DM me the email linked to your account. Thank you.